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Sparse ballot year for pension reform initiatives

This is a busy campaign season, given congressional mid-term elections and 36 governor races. State ballots are also full of direct democracy votes, a total of 148 initiatives of one sort or another according to Ballotpedia. But distinctly missing from ballots at the state level are any pension or government labor reform measures…

Pension reform has become a legal issue, but maybe not for much longer

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s move to place pension reform—authentic pension reform—on the 2014 California ballot will ensure that the issue will become, if anything, even larger next year than it is now.
Public interest remains high, judging by how much news coverage public pensions continue …

Three bites of an apple leaves taxpayers holding a rotten core

Much has been said in recent months about the growing power of public sector unions in American government and their coercive effect on sustainable fiscal management, but nowhere in the nation is the power of public sector unions more destructive and unrivaled than in California. …

A rare consensus in California politics

A few weeks ago, I profiled Proposition 37 – California’s November ballot initiative that seeks to mandate the labeling of genetically modified food in the Golden State — in City Journal California and came to the conclusion that it was unscientific, economically harmful, and a potential boon for …

The union steamroller in California

If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend that anyone with an interest in California government (and the roots of its dysfunction) sit down with Daniel DiSalvo’s new report on the power that big labor exerts on Golden State politics. The whole thing is worth a …

CA clash of the titans: wealthy individuals versus public sector unions

A number of this fall’s initiative campaigns are the playthings of wealthy individuals or public sector unions. In some cases few other groups are really even on the field. Two of the biggest players are Molly Munger (Prop. 38) and her half brother Charles (Prop. …

Union Turnout Trumps Champions of Reform

Much of the conversation here at Public Sector Inc. and elsewhere has focused on the enormous amounts of union financial contributions to the Propositions 30 and 32 campaigns in California. Supporters of Gov. Brown’s Prop. 30, which will raise taxes on high-earners in California (see …

Government unions attempt to take over Michigan on ballot

In November, Michigan voters will decide whether to approve or reject a union proposal that will give government unions the power to overrule state laws at the bargaining table.

Unions flood money into California paycheck protection fight

Last week, I noted that close polling on California’s Proposition 32 — which would, among other things, end the ability of the state’s unions to spend membership dues on political causes without member consent — likely presaged “an orgy of union money in the final weeks of the race.” As new records filed with the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento show, the reality has outpaced even the wildest expectations of those of us who anticipated the deluge

Will Californians support paycheck protection? It will come down to the Wire

One of the biggest initiatives on the fall ballot in California is Proposition 32, which aims to succeed where previous initiatives have failed: in protecting California workers from having their union dues spent for political purposes without their consent.Given the tremendous influence of big labor in the Golden State, the effort is both (a) a necessary precondition of serious reform and (b) a very heavy lift politically.Its prospects? According to a new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California, it will go right down to the wire.