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Philly schools “inadequate” at $12,000 per student

The Philadelphia school system last month projected spending about $2.4 billion next year to educate about 200,000 students. The state commission that runs the city’s schools, however, wants millions of dollars in additional spending just to offer what it claims would still be an “inadequate” education. How is it that a school district that spends more than the national average per student can’t manage ? One look at its personnel costs and perks, including exploding pensions and legal services for union members, gives you an idea why…

Union’s tax initiative sparks Nevada Democratic civil war

An initiative sponsored by the Nevada State Education Association, the state’s teachers’ union, to raise taxes on businesses by some $700 million has drawn a thumbs-down from the state’s AFL-CIO, which this weekend voted to join major business groups in opposing the so-called Education Initiative…

How NYC teachers got big raises without a contract

News outlets in New York are reporting that a deal is taking shape between the de Blasio administration and the city’s teachers’ union that would grant teachers their first contract since 2009. What many of the news stories will fail to mention, however, is that teachers have been getting regular raises since then even in the absence of a contract thanks to union-friendly New York State law…

California Teachers Association Pledges Millions for 2014 Initiative Campaigns

The “worst union in America” is preparing to spend at least $3 million on three initiatives angling for California’s November 2014 ballot. Mike Antonucci of the Education Intelligence Agency reports:
[The California Teachers Association] supports “The Nonprofit Donor Full Disclosure Act of 2014,” which would require “persons engaged …

California teachers don’t get Social Security. So what?

In a Sac Bee article about the  funding problems at the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS), which requires an astonishing $4.5 billion a year in additional annual contributions from government (on top of the $5.7 billion in state and local contributions it already receives), …

Teachers union contracts: opaque and confusing

Faced with the prospect of lean financial times, the West Chicago Elementary District 33 school board decided it would be prudent to reduce automatic annual pay increases and lengthen the amount of time it takes for teachers to reach the top of the pay scale.

On Feb. 4, the Elementary Teachers Association of West Chicago responded by calling a strike. There were many issues separating the two sides: teacher evaluations, health care and class sizes among them. But the issue of pay increases was the most contentious issue on the table. The teachers union was up in arms over this proposal – which only shows how out of line their expectations are with reality.

The strike is over now, but we have yet to see the full contract. When it does come out, parents and taxpayers should pay close attention to how teachers are paid. Unfortunately, understanding how teacher pay works is a daunting task, and the process has a language all its own that most outsiders are unaware of.

House of Cards: teachers unions wield more influence over K-12 than Republicans

According to House of Cards, Netflix’ dynamite new political drama, teachers unions exercise more influence over K-12 policy than Republicans. Democrats own the issue, and the direction of K-12 in America depends on a struggle between pro and anti union elements within the Democratic party.

Teachers and Teachers Union Operatives

As Illinois continues to struggle through a wave of copy-cat work stoppages in the wake of the disastrous Chicago Teachers Union strike, it should be noted that, far from the image of the ragged Norma Rae, a lot of teachers union operatives are making a pretty good living for themselves. According to union financial reports filed with the U.S. Department of Labor, there are more than 120 employees of the Illinois Education Association, or IEA, and the Illinois Federation of Teachers, or IFT, earning more than $100,000. This does not include staff from local unions.

NYC schools, budget cuts, and teacher evaluations

Yesterday, NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott sounded the alarm about pending mid-year budget cuts (to the tune of $250 million) if a deal with the UFT isn’t reached by December 21. Among the contentious subjects being debated are teacher evaluations, the details of which remain …

Round-up: Labor and the 2012 elections

Despite declining private sector membership, organized labor was a big player in the 2012 elections. They lent their vaunted GOTV operation to the Obama campaign in Ohio, Wisconsin, and other swing states. Obama won 58% of the votes of union households. All this took place despite the administration’s mixed record on issues of importance to organized labor. Obama did not push hard for “check card” legislation but he appointed pro-labor people to the NLRB. He protected state and local public employment through the stimulus package but his Race to the Top education program was anathema to teachers unions.